About us

Relaunched in 2019, Dume Dume is an aspiring circular brand that celebrates individuality through versatile accessories.


Created by Jacqueline Ajayi and inspired by circular fashion principles, we offer an original collection of handmade accessories for the body and home - each as unique as the ladies we adorn.

Discover our beautiful ever evolving collection of staples with a twist. Made to order in England, designed to be loved in more ways than one.

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Our Circular Pledge

We believe products should be created in a closed loop system so nothing goes to waste. To us, this means fashion and home accessories should be intentionally designed, made and used in way which eliminates waste and maximises value. 

Thinking creatively about how to minimise waste has inspired everything we do today. Currently, all of our products are made from locally sourced materials and produced in the UK on a made to order basis so nothing goes to waste.

We are committed to designing versatile products which can be loved in more ways than one.  As a result, our ceramic diffusers, intimate diffusers and silk scarves can be used and reused in several ways to give you the most value from your product.

Each accessory is boxed in 100% recyclable packaging and when you've loved your piece for as long as you can, hand it back to us and it will be repaired, remade or upcycled to begin it's next life-cycle.

The Pledge

By December 2022, we aim to maintain a collection of fashion and home accessories made solely from 100% natural, sustainable or circular materials. 

We also want to encourage more intentional buying. So, we aim to generate regular product tutorials, inspiration and stories to help you discover the true versatility of our accessories.