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Dume Dume is an eclectic, low waste, feel good brand created for ladies who want something a little different.


Inspired by bold prints, eccentric elegance and circular fashion principles, we offer a unique collection of eclectic fashion and lifestyle accessories.

Designed and made to order in England.

Our Circular Pledge

We believe fashion products should be created in a closed loop system so nothing goes to waste. This means, products should be intentionally designed, produced and disposed of in way which eliminates waste and maximises value. 

Dume Dume is therefore committed to designing high quality timeless products, using locally sourced fabrics, on a made to order basis. All of our products come in 100% recyclable packaging, and when you've loved your product for as long long as you can, hand it back to us and it will be repaired or upcycled, so it can begin it's next life-cycle.

We're not perfect, but it's a start. Making you feel good in more ways than one.

Timeless Design

Made to Order

Designed, Sourced and Made in England

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After-life Handbacks

100% Recyclable Packaging

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